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Watch Angry Boys Season 1 Episode 5 Online. This episode will airing on June 08, 2011 and take place in Australia. This shows is take place in Australia and since the pilot episode, lot of people are curious about the shows. I think it's time for us to be part of them and enjoy Angry Boys Episode 5 which is the fifth episode from Angry Boys tv series.

We know that Angry Boys is about Nathan and Daniel Sims are identical twin brothers who reside with their family in the small town of Dunt, South Australia. Daniel has been the man of the house ever since his father died in a car crash. However, having his mother's new boyfriend, Steve, around is threatening his position. When Nathan and Daniel finish school, they intend to pursue their father's dream of running a successful farm. They have planned for their service to be called "Danthan Industries", an amalgamation of Daniel and Nathan. Daniel and three of his mates do mainies up and down the main street of Dunt. He constantly torments his partially deaf brother Nathan. Generally, Nathan responds by giving the finger. Nathan and Daniel have what they call their "Wall of Legends", which consists of photos, upon their bedroom wall, of people who they consider to be "absolute legends". Significant people on the "Wall of Legends" include their father, Gran, S.mouse and Blake Oakfield. Nathan's "Wall of Legends" is primarily made up of female models. To Nathan and Daniel's displeasure, Steve moves into their household. A phone call from a hearing specialist reveals that Nathan's hearing is worsening and it is likely that he will soon become profoundly deaf.
Gran, the grandmother of Nathan and Daniel, is an officer at the Garingal Juvenile Justice Centre. She describes herself as tough, yet a mother figure for the boys. She displays a lack of political correctness as she divides the inmates into two teams of "light skins" and "dark skins" for a soccer game. Subsequently, she makes a number of racial comments during the match. Gran also plays her favourite game with the boys called "gotcha", in which she tricks one of the boys into believing that he's about to be released. She also keeps the inmates entertained with "Friday Night Song Night", where she performs various songs. Gran lives in a house within the premises with fellow officer, Penny. The inmates have given Penny the nickname "Legs" due to her being almost seven feet tall. Gran looks after 23 guinea pigs and her favourite is named after television personality, Kerri-Anne. Gran also makes superhero pyjamas for the inmates, which include Superman, Shrek and the purple power ranger.

Don't forget to Watch Angry Boys Season 1 Episode 5 on June 8, 2011 or you can watch angry boys episode 5 online via replay streaming through internet for free. Have Fun!

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